Today, roughly 20 years ago, the chart for stock PEP made a big move. What could have caused it? There could be a billion good reasons. We at NoisyStocks have no idea what those reasons are. Instead of a careful & nuanced analysis, we have calculated this chart using a special throw-spaghetti-at-a-wall-and-see-what-sticks algorithm. Our marvelous approach takes random variables and makes wildly spurious correlations. What is the unit of rainfall? Rainfall is defined as: “Time mean flux of rain, snow and hail measured as the height of the equivalent liquid water in a square meter per time interval.”

Where is Senhora do Rosario, PT?

Note: The algorithm always chooses the nearest city with >1000 people. If the points happen to fall in the middle of the ocean, it will not be accurate. The actual rainfall coordinates are also shown on the map.